Wake Up With Tony Gwynn's 3,000th Career Hit

You could have never watched a single baseball game in your life, and you could still know a whole lot about Tony Gwynn just from watching this one clip. For one, you’d know that Gwynn is one of the greatest hitters of all-time in that he collected his 3,000th hit. But beyond that, what most fans remember Gwynn for outside of his tremendous hitting ability, is how he was such a great ambassador to the game. I mean, I’ve seen guys reach milestones on the road and fans have either booed or don’t care at all. And here’s Gwynn, knocking his 3,000th hit into centerfield, and the great fans in Montreal are giving him a standing ovation, umpires are hugging him — hell, even the guy who came out to collect the base was congratulating him. One of the greatest travesties in the game’s history was when the Major League Baseball strike in 1994 ended a season in which Gwynn was hitting .394 through the first 110 games. Many believe Gwynn would’ve been the first to hit .400 in a season since Ted Williams hit .406 in 1941. Regardless, Gwynn would finish his career with 3,141 hits, nineteenth best all-time.