Rumors Saying Deng For The Third Pick In The Draft Is A Possibility



(Source) The first decent NBA Draft trade rumble of the week involves an All-Star who’s no stranger to the speculation game.

Sources close to the situation told that the Chicago Bulls, in their latest attempt to gauge the trade value of All-Star swingman Luol Deng, have had exploratory discussions with Washington about a deal that would land Deng with the Wizards and bring the No. 3 pick in Thursday’s draft to the Bulls.


Not exactly news that Deng is involved in a trade rumor. I’m pretty sure he’s broken the record for All-Star involved in most trade rumors. He and Pau Gasol are basically permanently being discussed. Anyway, if this is true, and this deal actually happens my initial reaction is I hate losing Deng, who has been a great Bull and a lot of fun to watch, but its a no brainer. Getting younger, getting value for Deng before he walks after next summer, adding depth to the front line, which would help pace Joakim more, would all be good things. And as far fetched as it may be, a Victor Oladipo/Derrick Rose backcourt would have me rock hard.


And of course now that I’ve said all that, obviously there will be no trade, because there never is.