Indiana University Is Hosting "Drop The Puck On Cancer" This Weekend

Hey Chief,
I am writing this in support of this year’s Dropping the Puck on Cancer event in Bloomington, Indiana. To be honest with you, I could never picture hockey being this big at IU, but after four years of D1 Club Hockey, and 4 years of DTP – this might be one of the coolest events I’ve ever come across. I can send you more info on this if you need it – I really appreciate the help!
This event has grown rapidly in a six year span, and while other campuses are just getting their first taste of philanthropy hockey, Indiana University seems to know what it is all about.
Both last weekend, and this weekend 10 different Fraternities will face off to raise money for the American Brain Tumor Association, and while the game remains the most significant part, the fundraising doesn’t start there. Throughout the past few months, Indiana students involved in both fraternities and sororities organize a variety of events around campus to introduce and raise awareness of both the hockey games, and the ultimate goal – curing brain cancer.
Dropping the Puck was created in 2010 by the Beta’s and Sigma Chi’s at Indiana University as a way to turn a heated fraternity rivalry into a philanthropy event. Each spring, the two fraternities square off in an ice hockey battle where the entire membership of each house comes out to spectate. Over the past 6 years, the Drop The Puck organization has expanded to incorporate 10 different fraternities at IU, who compete across 5  head-to-head ice hockey games. With the help of the Collegiate Charities organization, Drop The Puck has further expanded across the country to 9 different universities, all hosting their own DTP games.  
Last year, the IU DTP event generated over $62,000 benefiting the American Brain Tumor Association. This year, they hope to shatter last years total and reach the $100,000 mark or beyond. 
A few weeks ago we ran a blog about Drop The Puck On Cancer by Depaul, which was by all accounts a great event. Now, it’s time for B1G country to host their event. Indiana University actually started this event and have raised tremendous amounts of money for the American Brain Tumor Association. Now the stoolies can do their part to support both cancer research, hockey, and the Barstool community.