Donald Trump Got His Most Important Endorsement Yet: John Daly

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In yo face, Mitt Romney! I’m so shortsighted. Over the past few months I’ve been saying that John Daly deserves to be the Ryder Cup captain. He’s perfect for the job. He’s in-your-face, everybody loves him and oh yeah he’s the very definition of America. Fat, hard drinking, chain-smoking, long drive-hitting John Daly. Can you imagine Team USA rolling up to Hazeltine with JD as their leader? Team Europe wouldn’t even get off the plane. Ian Poulter would have to wear adult diapers all week. So I wondered why Daly wasn’t lobbying for the job like I thought he would.  Well here’s our answer. He’s got bigger things in mind. He wants to be Donald Trump’s VP. He wants the chair next to the big chair. Ryder Cup captain is peanuts compared to the VP slot. Daly will be a RC captain some day. That’s always on the horizon. But to be Donald Trump’s VP? That my friend only comes along once in a life time. Forget Chris Chistie. The beauty of having a guy like John Daly as your VP is everyone loves him. Everyone. Votes on votes on votes. From every corner. Your move, Donald.


That picture of John Daly and Trump freaks me out. It was back when he tried to get really skinny. Luckily it didn’t take.  Some guys are just meant to be large and Daly is absolutely one of them.


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