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If Your Buttons Don't Pop Like This When You Sit Down You Don't Know How To Wear Shirts




So Big Cat tweeted this picture of me last night. He, KFC and Hank just laughing it up. Saying they’d never seen a picture like this before. They’d never seen buttons struggle for dear life like this before. Everybody chirping me about it on social media. Well let me say this loud and clear. I will not be intimated by people. I will not succumb to peer pressure. The First Lady says this shirt is too small too. I don’t give a fucking damn. Anybody who knows anything about Italy knows Italian shirts aren’t sitting shirts. This shirt is a god damn electric factory when I’m standing up. Looks like I just stepped off a catwalk in Milan. Yeah when I sit down things get a little bit hairy.  They get little bit fucking nuts.  But I wouldn’t want it any other way. If your shirt isn’t bursting off your body when you sit down that just means it’s too loose when you stand. Learn how to wear Italian clothes for me 1 time.