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Life Lesson: If You Sing About Your Ex-Girlfriend, You May Get The Shit Slapped Out Of You By Your Wife

Daily Mail-  This is the moment an unsuspecting guitar player got the shock of his life outside a bar when his wife overheard him reminiscing about another woman and launched into a violent attack.  Footage of the incident begins with him strumming his instrument and addressing the camera, remarking in Portuguese about women other than his partner.  Unbeknownst to him, however, she is standing right behind him and the comment clearly strikes a nerve.

The guitar player is taken by surprise as he’s suddenly smacked on the nose by his irate wife.  She tells him: ‘Respect me! Don’t talk about other women while I’m here!’    It is unclear where the video was taken, though the fact the wife was continued beating her husband as the footage cut off suggests he will think twice before making comments about other women again. 

I am not going to say that this guy deserved to get his face pummeled. But I am here to say that you have to be smarter if you are going to talk about your ex if your wife is even close to being within earshot. That goes double if you are singing about your ex. I bet Billy Joel hates having to sing Uptown Girl around any of his girlfriends. Because you know they are all thinking about how Billy and the immortal Christie Brinkley made sweet, sweet love. And if your wife has a similar body type to me, you DEFINITELY cannot sing a song about your ex. Once I saw that giant paw come into screen, I thought I was watching the Brazilian version of The Revenant.

And yes, even though the story said they don’t know where the video was shot, that was clearly Brazil. People speaking Portuguese + Soccer on TV + Anger I haven’t seen since the last time Camilla melted down on MTV: The Challenge = Brazil. All that was missing was Blanka from Street Fighter II drinking a Brahma in the background.