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Wake Up With Ozzie Smith's Walk-Off Home Run In The 1985 NLCS

I wanted to post a video of one of the hundreds of Ozzie Smith’s highlight reel defensive plays, but it was too difficult to just pick one. So here’s his walk-off home run in Game 5 of the 1985 National League Championship Series, which cemented his series MVP trophy when the Cardinals finished off the Dodgers in Game 6. Smith carried the Cards, hitting .435 with an 1.196 OPS in the series, which is unfathomable to see an OPS like that next to his name. In his career, Smith had an OPS of .666. He was a Hall of Famer because he was, with all due respect to Omar Vizquel, the greatest defensive shortstop of all-time. The Wizard had 10,947 plate appearances throughout his 19-year career, regular season and postseason combined, and he hit a grand total of 29 home runs. That means that he hit a home run 0.003% of the time, and one of those times was in the bottom of the ninth of a tie game in Game 5 of the 1985 NLCS. Crazy.