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Our Boy The One Man Thrill Ride Made His MLB Network Debut Today








I’m not really sure what this is all about, but I ain’t complaining. Can never get enough Thrill Ride. I believe he’s retired from the local wrestling circuit, but I’ll never understand how he never made the WWE. Granted, I don’t know a goddamn thing about wrestling or anything else in the world, but that amazes me. Dude is a lightning rod. Pop him in front of a camera and you’re getting guaranteed entertainment. Just ask Harold Reynolds, who couldn’t hear Thrill Ride talk for two seconds without laughing. Pure gold, once again, from Jimmy Preston.



Also, Thrill mentioned that he’s getting married soon. He’s said before that he met his wife on Tinder and “Retired VFW wrestling god, The One Man Thrill Ride, is getting married to a woman he met on Tinder” has to be one of the wilder sentences ever written. Big congrats to him.



PS – This is the vid that got Hot Stove’s attention. Hysterical. I could watch Thrill Ride take BP all goddamn day.