The Twins Had A Team Watch Party For The Bachelor, And Byung-Ho Park Was Confused As Hell

Ten-year veteran Phil Hughes was looking to get some quality bonding time with his Minnesota Twins teammates on Monday night, so he invited some of the guys over his house to watch The Bachelor. Over the offseason, the Twins signed 29-year-old first baseman Byung-ho Park from Korea. He’s new to America, he’s new to the MLB, and he’s most certainly new to The Bachelor.

Pretty hilarious to think about if you’re them, but also pretty terrifying to think about if you’re him. Park’s translator was there, but even still. I’d imagine sitting in a room with a few bros watching The Bachelor when you don’t speak a word of English must be incredibly confusing. Hughes was asked about his experience of watching the show with Park the next day, and he explained how Park did his best to make sense of it all.

“He wasn’t quite sure what ‘The Bachelor’ was, and even after we explained it to him a little bit, he still wasn’t really on board with it [laughs]. But we just thought it would be cool to have him over. I can only imagine how hard the transition is to a different country and not knowing the language well. …

“The one thing he did say was he was telling us that in Korea they don’t really kiss multiple women, but we told him we don’t really do that here, either. I told him this is like the one exception. It’s sort of encouraged. But that was his one take on ‘The Bachelor’ and it was pretty funny.”

Hughes had to have said “we don’t really do that here, either” sarcastically, right? Hooking up with multiple girls in America isn’t really a thing? Have you ever heard of college, Phil? When I read that line, I immediately went to check which college he went to, and he didn’t go to college, so maybe he’s serious. I don’t know. Either way, I’d just like to clear up the misconception that we don’t do that here, because we do, Byung-ho. Go to a college party one time for me, Phil.

(h/t USA Today)