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A Guy Got Tired Of Waiting For A Double Parked Car So He Drove On The Sidewalk And Smashed Into Everything


It’s a long video but the highlights of him smashing into everything start at 1:00 and then the entire neighborhood (including one particularly hilarious old lady who won’t stop shouting like the Hindenburg crashed) wanting to murder the guy driving occurs at 4:15. I’ll say it off the bat: I related to this guy driving around like a crazy person here. Usually I can’t put myself in the shoes of people having this insane freakouts but this one, I get it. I’m an impatient person in general and there’s nothing worse than being stuck somewhere in my mind. Stuck in traffic, an obligation I don’t want to do, a doctor’s appointment, any situation where you’re locked in and have no way out of I just can’t fucking stand (this may also explain why I can’t commit to a functional adult relationship but let’s keep it about cars for now).


And then here comes this iconoclast who wasn’t limited by the roads in front of him and, while it didn’t work out, at least he tried and wouldn’t stop dreaming no matter how many people yelled at him to quit or stop destroying their cars. A man unafraid to color outside of the lines of society. Again, it didn’t work, so he looks crazy. But you know who else looked crazy? Jonas Salk waving around a cure for a disease that had crippled Presidents. Marie Curie saying “Hey I am a woman but I have discovered an element.” Garfield for being a cat who seems to live off of carb-rich Italian foods rather than a normal diet of seafood flavored kibble. It’s a thin line between genius and madness.


Plus it was only that telephone pole in his way, he probably gave it one of those “I would have gotten away with it too if it weren’t for you meddling kids” Scooby Doo speeches. If that pole weren’t there, he’s cruising the open roads with the wind in his hair without damaging a single thing. Telephone poles, nature’s sneakiest menace. You just never see em coming.


(h/t r/publicfreakouts)