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Elderly Flyers Lady Takes Off Her Bra And Tosses It On The Ice After Hat Trick

Link to vid

And there you have it. Probably the best action Brayden Schenn’s seen come his way all year. Some fans throw their hats. People in Detroit toss Octopi. We’ve got old bags of bones chucking their leopard printed bra’s onto the ice. Can’t hate the heart or the hustle. Sure, we’d like to see this tradition catch on with women who are on the sunny side of Menopause, but every movement needs a trailblazer. We’ve got Gammy letting her spirits fly high while her saggers hang low. Good for her. Au natural, baby, that’s how I like em. Swing low, sweet chariots. Those spotted D-Cups are gonna look great in the display case.


In a related note, I got a couple videos/snaps of people throwing their caps onto the ice during Schenn’s hat trick. Respect. But I also got one of a pussy too scared to chuck his hat. Isn’t it a standard requirement to throw your hat onto the ice when witnessing a player from your home team net 3 goals in a game? Because it absolutely should be. And if it’s playoffs the pants should be sacrificed to the hockey Gods, too. Can’t take any chances.