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NFL Czar Roger Goodell To Decide Who Appears on Hard Knocks If Nobody Volunteers


NFL - A source in the room told NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport the league passed a rule Tuesday that will compel one team per year to participate in the HBO/NFL Films joint venture, “Hard Knocks.”
The league still will ask for volunteers. If one is not forthcoming, a team will be appointed. All organizations will be eligible with the exception of those with new coaches or those that have made the playoffs for two consecutive seasons.

Last year, apparently the Bengals were the only team to volunteer. Because of course they were. Cheap ass owner Mike Brown wanted the publicity to sell jerseys and tickets. Every other NFL team was worried about privacy and not giving an additional edge to their competition.

Redskins fans, would you want the Skins on Hard Knocks? Could you stomach more coverage of RG3? Is it a 500% chance he demands the camera stay on him at all times?

And Ravens fans, would you want Hard Knocks? We would get some amazing Suggs sound bites, for sure. But is it the best decision for the football team? Probably not.

So Goodell is gonna Goodell, as per usual. Having his way with the NFL like a they’re a freshman at his frat party. Remember when he was likable for 10 minutes until everyone started hating him again?