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Confused Chris Christie + Donald Trump + Curb Your Enthusiasm Music = Internet Gold



Who forgot to tell Chris Christie that Donald Trump’s speech was going to be televised? Who dropped the ball?  Who forgot to tell Chris Christie that people were going to see his facial expressions as Donald Trump claimed another victory and took another step closer to becoming the president? Christie needs to practice his Joe Biden/John Boehner State of the Union face. Think about boobs like Biden does. Think about trying not cry like Boehner did. Literally anything other than what Chris Christie did there. The cameras captured the exact moment when Christie realized he’d made a huge mistake. Like, “Oh fuck, is this dude actually gonna be president?” Then lay some Curb Your Enthusiasm music over it and you’ve got a great internet video. So that’s a plus. Trump is going to spank Christie’s FUPA so hard after seeing that though.


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