How Do We Feel About Salvador Perez's 2015 World Series Champions Tattoo?

He was so excited to say that he was the MVP in the World Series that he asked, “What you do in the MBP?” before he corrected himself and asked, “What you do in the World Series?” Before all the tattoo experts come out of the woodwork, it looks like shit because it’s peeling. Regardless of the peeling, it’s far from the best tattoo I’ve ever seen. Anyway, I was curious how everyone felt about doing something like this. If you were a player in the MLB, would you get a tattoo with the official World Series logo and the team you played for? If tattoos were as big in the 50’s as they are now, then Yogi Berra would’ve had a full body suit of tattoos.

I guess I can see this from both sides. On one hand, I think it’s weird to get a tattoo of a team logo when you’re still an active player. Obviously I grew up a Red Sox fan, and if I won a World Series with the Brewers, I can’t see myself getting a Brewers tattoo. The furthest I’d go is probably getting a tattoo of the World Series trophy with the year on it. And if I did get that, I wouldn’t go to whatever tattoo artist that did Salvador Perez’s tattoo. But at the same time, you play baseball your whole life to get to the World Series and win it, so I suppose it’s worth having on your skin forever.

Speaking of Perez, the Royals rewarded him with a five-year, $52.2 million extension yesterday, keeping him under the Royals’ control for the next six years. Perez had previously been one of the most drastically underpaid players in the game prior to his extension, making just $5 million over the last four seasons combined. Perez is heading into his age-26 season in 2016 and will be gunning for his fourth consecutive All Star nod. I’m sure he’ll have a pretty good shot, considering which team he plays for.

There’s been some concern over the length of this deal, given the abuse that Perez takes behind the plate as one of the larger sized catchers in the league. But looking at it just based on the numbers, this could turn out to be another steal for the Royals. The average annual value of the extension is $10.4 million, which seems unheard of these days for a three-time All Star and three-time Gold Glove Award winner in their twenties. Over the life of his new deal, Perez will only make as high as $13 million in 2020-21. It’s a team friendly deal that also allows them to move him later on if it comes down to that.