Jeopardy and Sports Still A Losing Combination...Nobody Knows The Warriors Logo.

I think the Jeopardy question makers are starting to ramp up the sports questions on purpose just to mess with these dweebs? Feel like we’re getting a lot more lately. Every week there’s a simple piece of sports trivia that any 8 year old with a TV could answer, met with 3 blank stares and Trebek looking ready to stick a gun in his mouth right there at the podium*. Last night it was the logo of maybe the best team in NBA history about to set the regular season wins record, the defending champs featuring the best player in the world/reigning MVP…annddd nothing. Can we go back to 19th Century Brit Lit for $600 please?

*That guy fucking hates when these people can’t answer the questions. The only person I’ve ever seen who makes being a smug intellectual an endearing quality trait.

The current Jeopardy Sports Hall of Fame.