Iowa State's Abdel Nader Almost Killed A Guy With This Dunk Last Night



BOOM! Dead man walking! I hate Iowa State but that’s just about the best thing that’s happened in basketball in the state of Iowa in about a month. Iowa basketball is a complete and utter dumpster fire so it was good to see somebody from this great state do something cool AKA see a grown man get murdered by another grown man via dunk. I wanna do that just once.  Just once I wanna raise up on somebody, put my balls on their chin and posterize them in front of a building of screaming fans. Please  Is once too much to ask?  Apparently it is because it’ll never happen to me. I was born without the ability to dunk. Like not even close to the ability to dunk. I’ll never experience whatever feeling Abdel Nader had after doing that.  A feeling that I’m guessing rivals mainlining heroin or some other hardcore drug. King of the fucking world for like 10 seconds. Alas.