An Asian Guy Went On A Hell Of A Road Rage Tirade And Told A Black Guy To 'Go Back To Africa'


As someone whose job is to blog the stuff along the fringes of the Internet, I’m always on the lookout for new viral video trends that I can ride to easy pageviews enlightening the masses. Since this is now the second EXTREMELY animated Asian guy road rage incident in the last few weeks, that means we’re one away from this becoming a trend. And I’ve never been more excited for a video genre to blow up than Asian guy road rage videos. That taxi driver in the above blog’s rant was hilarious because he sounded like Donald Duck desperately looking for a fight but the guy in this video upped the ante a little bit by combining his Chow from The Hangover clothing style with the racist convenience store owner attitude of the Koreans in Menace 2 Society. A true Megazord of Asian stereotyping. I’m so ready for Asian road rage videos to take their place alongside Russian dash cams and the “people forced to do things in an empty studio” in my personal viral video Hall of Fame.


Also unless we’re completely missing something in this video, what was the Asian guy even doing? Because it looks like he was just standing in the middle of the road waiting to yell this stuff at the first black person he sees. Is it possible this is the rarely seen mentally unstable Asian homeless person? Reinforcing stereotypes and defying them at the same time, what a performance.