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Showdown - Who Had The Douchiest Comment Last Night After The Heat Won The Title?

1. Dwyane Wade making up the nickname “3” and forcing everyone to call him that.


Hey Dwyane, let me give you a facial like we’ve been practicing



2. Lebron saying he was from the inner city and that he never should have been where he is today.


Totally forgetting that he drove a Hummer in high school and google images never forgets….



3. Chris Bosh for just being Chris Bosh


Probably should just give the ring back Chris. Goose Egg City.



4. Darren Rovell for immediately thinking, hey we should feel happy for the BILLIONAIRE because people suffered on his cruises this year and made him look bad and he probably lost a few million dollars. What a tough year that guy had.




I’m going with 1. Lebron 2. Rovell 3. “3” and 4. Bosh


Who Ya Got. Vote 1 for Lebron, 3 for Rovell, 6 for Wade, and 10 for Bosh

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