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How About Shaq Dropping A Facial On Dwight Howard Out Of The Blue On Facebook?


I looooove this move by Shaq. Back in his playing days, nobody was more beloved than The Big Aristotle. But now that he has become a mumbling sidekick on Inside The NBA, he has lost a good amount of his luster. But the easiest way to get the public back on your side is to throw up a picture of you putting your dick in Dwight Howard’s face. Because everybody hates Dwight Howard. I’m sure even Dwight Howard hates Dwight Howard. And to be fair to Shaq, he was on the Hate Dwight Train before it was cool. Everyone thought Shaq hated Dwight because he was threatened by Dwight being the next great Magic center and he stole Shaq’s Superman nickname. Nope. Game recognize game and Shaq recognized that Dwight wasn’t the guy we all hoped he was. So please accept my apology Big Daddy for thinking the entertaining Shaq was dead. I just miss that guy immensely. More Dwight Howard burns and less staged falls on Inside The NBA is all I ask. Because this guy was the GOAT interview.

h/t Tim