This Minor League Baseball Stadium's Lazy River Is Going To Be Incredible(y Gross)


Okay, rapid fire- what are some of the grossest things on Earth? Go! Water parks, people who go to water parks, people who regularly attend minor league baseball games deep in Texas, people who live deep in Texas who have no problem going to water parks, people who have no shame going in lazy rivers at minor league baseball games deep in Texas. Mix all that up and here ya go, the Frisco RoughRiders stadium is the place for you!

Now don’t get me wrong, to each their own. And I think I’m scarred from my one time ever going in a lazy river. I think I was about 11, someone dropped a log in the lazy river, and that’s all she wrote. It was straight out of that South Park episode, just immigrants and dirty people bathing, shitting, starting a life in the lazy river. They just move in like it’s their fucking home bathtub. I cannot wait to see the Frisco lazy river + 25 cent beer night. Cannot wait.