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Tom Brady Signs A Two Year Extension With The Patriots! Long Live The King!






There’s a nice bit of news for a Monday morning. Tom Brady is going to be a New England Patriot until he’s 42, at least. Schefty hasn’t made everyone aware of the terms of the deal but if I had to guess this extension is something along the lines of 2 years, 17 dollars, and a silent stake in the New England Patriots to be named later. Perhaps rent control/free rent at the TB12 facility. I’m not sure, I just know it would be for free if it were up to Tom, but that would really piss the NFLPA off.


Congrats to Jamie Collins and Dante Hightower on their new deals that they haven’t signed yet but now there’s even more cash in the cap for their agents to ask for.


Also guess it’s time for Jimmy G to pack? Tom Brady extension and a shitty QB draft is the perfect time to part ways. Would you want Jimmy or Paxton Lynch, Connor Cook, Hackenberg, etc? You’d rather have the guy who studied under Tom Brady, no brainer.