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Heath Evans Is Out Of His Mind If He Truly Thinks The Giants Have The Weakest Roster In The NFL
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Mr. Mara, Mr. Tisch, I have the mostut respect for both of you guys. How you fire Tom Coughlin and leave Mr. Reese there. You have more needs than I can quantify in a 30 minute show, much less a 30 second answer. Tom I’m sorry. This roster is so depleted you probably don’t want to be the head coach of that team anymore. They’ve got so many needs it’s impossible to fill.

I’m just saying, a two-time Super Bowl winning coach hits the deck and the you have a GM that is responsible for that whole roster. That roster is the weakest in the league, by far, and you fire the coach.


Goddamn you, Heath Evans.  The last thing in the world I want to do right now is defend Jerry Reese.  But saying the Giants have by far the weakest roster in the NFL is flat out loco.  Should the Giants have fired Reese instead of Coughlin?  Probably.  Should the Giants have considered firing both Reese and Coughlin and starting completely fresh?  I think so.  But please don’t say the Giants have the worst roster in the league.  Not while the Titans are still in the NFL.  Or the post-Harbaugh exodus 49ers.  Or the fucking BROWNS.

Now do the Giants have to get better in the draft and free agency if they even want a chance to compete this year?  Of course.  But lets be real here for a second.  Eli Manning is a franchise quarterback that has won two Super Bowls.  Odell Beckham Jr. is setting records during his first two years in the league despite missing five games for injury and suspension. Boom, that’s already better than those three teams I listed.  Sure the Giants have a raging dumpster fire at running back.  And the defense being called Swiss cheese isn’t exactly fitting unless said cheese is rotting and smells like Big Foot’s dick.  But there are actual good players on this team. I like DRC. I think Pugh will be good when he gets healthy and can stop getting yanked around the line. I fawn over Shane Vereen whenever he is not getting the ball handed to him. And if JPP can come back and grow a couple of fingers back, watch out NFL quarterbacks. Some good moves and health on the offensive line will do wonders for this team.  You don’t gag away a ton of close games by having the worst roster in the league.  You get your doors blown off if that’s the case.  So pump the brakes here Heathy Poo and please neverrrr make me defend Jerry Reese again.

TL;DR, I agree with Jordan Raanan of