Apparently Our Guy Ian Rapoport Has Found Himself In A Little Twitter Beef With Jason La Canfora From CBS

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Oooh boy, not sure what this is about, Jason La Confora coming in with a 2 am tweet telling our boy Rap to watch his back, but I do know this. La Confora just messed with the wrong hombre. 160 pounds (soaking wet) of muscle, sources, and wit. Hey La Confora, not sure your CBS sources told you but Rap wrestled in high school, sucker.



In all seriousness this is such a fucking lame move by La Confora. You can’t email the dude or give him a call? Just going to throw out a cryptic tough guy tweet in the middle of the night without any context? Sweet intimidation, Jason. We’re all so scared over here. You going to punch Ian? You going to report him to the source police? What are you Tony Soprano over here? You’re a fucking CBS NFL insider on twitter. Shut up.  Rap is good people, and anyone who has ever gotten on that casting couch is in the circle of trust for life as far as I’m concerned. I’d do anything for them. So La Confora, sorry my friend, but you just made a lot of enemies around these parts of the internet. Keep our name out of your lips. Always. Remember this, I know you will.