Donald Trump Lost The Debate Last Night In Some People's Eyes So How Does He Bounce Back? By Crushing Rubio For Being Sweaty And Weird Looking

“You should have seen him backstage, he was putting on makeup with a trowel. No I don’t want to say that I will not say that he was trying to cover up his ears, I will not say that”.


Fucking Trump man. I want to hate him so much but he’s just so fucking entertaining. This is old school WWF type shit. Some people think you lost the debate? Well then let’s take back the news cycle by calling Rubio sweaty, making fun of his ears and repeating mean things the crowd says back into a microphone. It’s unbelievable. It’s a show. It’s a circus act. And I can’t look away, I need every second of it.



Just watch this. This guy is running for President. He’s tossing water bottles, mocking his competitors, and running for President. It’s unbelievable and I mean that in its true essence of the word, I can not believe it.







I’m actually starting to feel bad for Rubio. He’s like Jeb. Politicians who have played by the rules all their life, done the right thing to put themselves in a respectable place and be the “right” candidate, and along comes Trump making fun of how he looks and how big his ears are. Rubio seems like a reasonable guy, someone I could even see myself voting for, but he can’t even get his thoughts out of his mouth because Trump has him stuffed in a locker. Trump is engaging in a war Rubio never learned how to fight.