REPORT: DeMarco Murray Is Sad And The Eagles Are Open To Trade Offers

PFT – That’s the word from Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, who reports that teams are being told that Murray isn’t happy and the Eagles will listen to trade offers. But the question is this: Just how unhappy is Murray? Unhappy enough that he’d take less money to play elsewhere? Because if he’s not that unhappy, a trade probably isn’t going to happen. The five-year, $40 million contract Murray signed last year calls for him to make a $7 million base salary this season, which it may be hard to convince any team to pay. And trading Murray would give the Eagles a $13 million dead cap hit this season, which means the Eagles aren’t going to be eager to make a move.

You know what? FUCK this guy. I’ve given DeMarco Murray the benefit of all doubts since Day 1 but enough is enough. Take your labia and ball, and go home. If DeMarco isn’t happy here making a billion dollars then fuck him. Let him have cake. Trade him back to Dallas for a second round pick because you know Big Jer’ would do that in a heartbeat.

If DeMarco is traded this offseason will he go down as the worst FA signing in Philadelphia sports history? There have been a LOT of shitty signings in this town. Nhamdi sticks out the most. Elton Brand, Gregg Jeffries, Danny Tartabull, Vinny LeCavlier, Idiot Bryzgalof. Spray Tan is right up there with shittiest of shit slung into this town.