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The Eliminator: Classic Animated Movies


The rules to The Eliminator are simple. Simply pick which movie you would eliminate off the face of the Earth forever.

I personally refuse to eliminate The Lion King and Toy Story. Both are in my Top 50 movies. The cream of the crop for animated films. Especially The Lion King. I think it is eeeeasily the best Disney and cartoon movie ever. Best villain. Best music. And Mufasa is basically Coach Taylor from Friday Night Lights. The firm but fair moral compass.

Which leaves us with Aladdin and Shrek. Aladdin has Robin Williams at his best, just stealing every scene as Genie. But Shrek has Mike Myers and Eddie Murphy, no slouches in their own right, dominate every minute on the screen. Shrek may be a better actual story, while Aladdin has better songs. But in the end, I think the power of Disney and The Genie gives Aladdin the advantage. Maybe it’s the Disney Kool Aid talking, but Dreamworks can never truly pull off that Disney magic. Those movies always just seem like cheaper knockoffs of that evil corporation led by a mouse. So Shrek is going bye bye for me. But as always, The Eliminator is a democratic process. So make your vote below or forever hold your peace.