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Neuvirth Puts On A Show As The Flyers Take Down Minnesota

Flyers 3, Wild 2 | (27-22-11)

Well the Flyers were about a centimeter away from giving up another lead in the final seconds of a game. We’ve seen it happen once, we’ve seen it happen twice, we’ve seen it happen probably like 5 times now realistically. But luckily for Flyers fans, it would appear that Michal Neuvirth had some catching up on The People vs OJ Simpson to get to and just wanted the game to be over with then and there. So what does he go out there and do? Put the team on his back and had quite possibly the best performance of his entire career. Last night’s game was a big one for a couple of reasons. I still don’t think this is a playoff team but if by some god forsaken reason they do go on a run here, those 2 points are going to be huge. And also, some much needed trade value went up thanks to some unlikely goal scorers on the night.

Could I Interest Any NHL Team In One Sam Gagner?

Sam Gagner is a skill guy. Everybody knows that. But if you want a player to add offensive production to your 3rd line and isn’t afraid to go to the tough areas of the ice to get it done, well that’s what Sam Gagner has evolved into since playing under Dave Hakstol. UFA at the end of the season, great depth rental player if you ask me.

By the way, I thought that Gagner-Schenn-Simmonds line looked strong together all night. Obviously not a line combination that I would love to see a lot more of since it would be nice to get Claude back in the lineup. But those guys stepped up and had the type of shifts you needed from them. And speaking of lines that brought their big boy balls to the game last night…

4th Line Balls

The 4th line was fucking h-u-s-t-l-i-n’ out there last night. A few really strong possession shifts and this goal was about as grindy as they come. VandeVelde takes a shot from behind into the boards. Then he and White go to work in the corner all capped off by Bellemare finding a way to get his stick on the puck and launch that shit to the back of the net. Can’t ask for any more out of those idiots.


Could I interest Any NHL Team In One Mark Streit?

Mark Streit was playing like absolute dog shit before this goal. He was playing like a man possessed to stay in Philadelphia. And I mean, who can really blame him? Some people would say that Philadelphia is the Paris of Pennsylvania. Greatest city in the world and if you disagree, well fuck you. But yeah, he was playing horribly and I thought for sure that any pipedream of sending him away this trade deadline had gone away. But then that beautiful Swiss bastard went out and did something like this…. and totally redeemed himself. Any team in need of a depth defenseman for your 3rd pairing who can also man the point on a powerplay unit? Well take my boy Mark Streit. He’s all yours.

Back To Neuvy

DISCLAIMER: That “save of the night” came before the save with under 3 seconds left in the game. So it was factually accurate at the time, not so much anymore. But yeah, Michal Neuvirth just pulling spectacular saves out of his ass like crosbybrain pulls dildos out of his. I’m still convinced that Michal Neuvirth isn’t a starting goaltender in the NHL. I think that he plays his best when he gets the workload and responsibility of a backup. But he’s been having himself a renaissance year in Philadelphia so far and maybe I wouldn’t necessarily feel too comfortable if I was Steve Mason at the moment.

The Other Guys

– That Gudas/Manning pairing was just atrocious. Somebody needs to have a talk to Hakstol about that one. Can’t stand either of them and they were fucking useless on Minnesota’s 2nd goal of the night. Just so so very bad, the both of them. So to put them together as a pairing? Yeesh.

– I’ve been seeing a lot of people talking about the Flyers winning the Drouin Sweepstakes lately and let me just say this right now. It’s not going to happen. So come up with all the possible trade proposals that you want, but none of it matters. At least not at the deadline. If Yzerman can’t find a trade that works for him in the next couple days and he has to wait until the summer, then maybe the Flyers can find a way to make something work. But I can’t see Hextall making that move right now. I could be wrong, I’m usually wrong about a lot of things. But I’d be the most shocked I’ve ever been in my entire life if that happened.