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Topher Grace Pieced Together The Seinfeld Reunion Episode From The Seinfeld Season Of Curb

That was…something I guess. Granted Topher said that it wasn’t going to be as much an episode as it was a “radio play”. But it gives you enough to know what the episode could have been. All those Seinfeld Today tweets would have a place to be filmed and that would be a win for everyone involved.

The bigger takeaway is that this is what you can do when you are cashing in those residual checks like Topher Grace is. You get to put together a fake Seinfeld show that never happened and recut the Star Wars prequels into one watchable movie. Basically God’s work.

And this is also a great reminder of how much I miss Curb and Seinfeld. I mean I think we all knew that Larry David wasn’t going to tell us when the last season of Curb would be and instead just ride into the sunset (trademark: Peyton Manning). But none of us actually wanted to believe it. And here we are, almost five years since the last episode. Every time I see a commercial for J.B. Smoove’s show, I just get sad for what could have been. And call me crazy, but I think Leon Black could have definitely had his own successful Curb spinoff.

By the way, I still haven’t recovered from finding out that Topher is short for Christopher. Same for Liam being short for William. Chris being short for Christopher = Perfect sense. Topher being short for Christopher = My brain hurts for 72 hours straight.