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This Gigi Hadid And Backstreet Boys Performance On Lip Sync Battle Is Real Boner And Nostalgia Boner City

Beautiful. Just beautiful. Sex sells and so does nostalgia, so the people at SpikeTV are probably gonna be rolling in the ratings this week. Gigi is hot as a firecracker in JPP’s hand right now and Backstreet Boys have enjoyed a nice jump back into the spotlight ever since This Is The End came out a few years ago. I don’t even know what I loved more. The sexy chick melting my computer or they heavenly pipes of the guys that once took over TRL (I definitely dated myself mentioning TRL, huh? Shit.)

Also, I feel like this is the timeless question and I don’t think it has ever actually been asked before. *NSYNC vs. Backstreet Boys. My wife has been a diehard BSB fan since before I met her, but I always felt like *NSYNC was the more popular group. Like BSB paved the way for *NSYNC to come in and do bigger and better things. Plus having the trump card of Justin Timberlake was huge. But the rest of *NSYNC just felt like absolute duds, while the Backstreet Boys were a legit group. Top to bottom, you have to say BSB was deeper, while *NSYNC had the one superduperstar. Kinda like those old Cavs vs. Celtics series. Timberlake was LeBron but KG/Pierce/Allen were nothing to sneeze at. So I ask you Barstool readers, which boy band was better?

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