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Never In My Life Have I Seen A Kickboxing KO Like This




Is this old? Sometimes I get my kickboxing KOs mixed up, so there’s perhaps a chance that headline is a lie. If that’s the case, you get a 100% refund on this blog. Nonetheless, I laugh with wonder and amazement every time I see that kick. Impossible. Shit like that probably takes a CGI artist months to get right so that means humans definitely can’t do it. Plus it’s murder, and we aren’t allowed to do that either. Sweat flies off that poor man’s head like a pool splash from a 400 pound cannonball. It might not even be sweat, it might be brain matter that was forced from his pores due to this brutal Mortal Kombat fatality. The whole thing is just incredible. You know how they say “I’ll hit you so hard your grandmama will feel it,” this kick just woke his grandma from the dead and killed her again.