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Hot Tip: If You Kill Your Friend In A Drunk Car Accident Then Run Away, Do Not Go Give An Interview to The News Crew




Just a little bit of advice for the Stoolies here. I guess you could call it a lifehack? I think that’s what kids on the internet call these things? Stuff like “shut your windows in the winter to stay warm,” that’s a lifehack. Well, here’s another: don’t drunk drive, kill your friend, runaway from the scene of the crime, then give an interview about how you drove drunk and killed your friend. Lifehack, boom. Keep running. Or, don’t drive drunk but he did clearly state that the other guy was drunker so that’s a gray area. That’s why you always have to take like a bunch of shots right at last call, no one will ever ask you to drive. Another lifehack! Make sure you’re always the most irresponsible friend and no one gives you any responsibility. Man, I’m full of advice today.