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You Can Now Do More Than Just "Like" Things On Facebook

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 12.11.58 PM

Since the beginning of time people have been clamoring for the “dislike” button because it’s always awkward when someone posts a Facebook status about their dog dying or Nana getting cancer and you want to show support (well, you don’t really want to show support, you just want the illusion of showing support without actually having to do anything) but all you can do is click “like”. Well, now you can continue that illusion of caring about other people even more now, with “Reactions”. Now you don’t have to just like it, you can lovesssss it. You can laugh at it, be shocked by it, be saddened by it, (shout out to Nana) or be angry by it.

So it’s good that Facebook is now letting people be even lazier when it comes to social interaction. How excited is your mom/aunt going to be when you click “love” on the buffalo chicken dip recipe she just shared?

And think about how excited all the people who still get angry on the Internet on Facebook are going to be??! Before if they did not like something they had to show the Internet that they mean business by writing a comment under the post expressing their opinon. Now they can simply click a reaction and show the world who is boss. Zuckerberg did it again!

PS: Change is just too difficult for some people. I HAVE TOO MANY EMOTIONS!

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PS: How long until Twitter copies this? Already in the works right?

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