I Need Baseball To Actually Start So I Can Stop Talking About Yo's Cars

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40 days and 40 nights. Thats how long we’ve got until baseball season is actually here. And if I need to do 40 more days of talking about Yo’s cars, I’m going to have to kill myself. He was front page news on the Post today. Front! I mean I know its the middle of February. I know news is slow. I know that the beat reporters stuck in the 7th Circle of Hell, Port St. Lucie, need to come up with something to write about. But I cant do this for another month. I dont even wanna do this for another day. Until Bartolo Colon shows up to the field riding a donkey, I dont care about who is driving what.

As per usual, let me just get out in front of the Car Guys. Yes it looks like Yo didnt put the parking brake on. “He doesnt even know how to drive a stick!” blah blah blah. Dooonnnnntttt Caaaarrrrreeeee.