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Barstool Sports Invades Latvia, Part 2

Part 1 from yesterday

And that about sums up our time in Latvia. A three hour drive each way in the Latvian snow with a man I literally met the second I stepped into his car was something. Then again, Hank had to deal with that car ride and my nightmares. Fun fact: My friends and family call me The Dreamcatcher because I sometimes will talk/walk/scream in my sleep.  Sorry about that, Henry.

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 7.09.04 PM

To be fair, the last night in Latvia I had a nightmare we missed our flight and we were going to die. Most of that fear came because I found out our flight that was supposed to be Air Baltic had switched to Uzbekistan Airways. If you are able to sleep well after finding out your flight has been changed to a plane from fucking Uzbekistan, God bless you.  I thought that was a made up country from Borat until I literally boarded the plane.

And even though I have tried to spread the word of Godzingis and went all the way over to Latvia, Kristaps still does not follow me. Does it bother me? Kind of. But the real reason I went is for my boss and the Stoolies. You guys ask me to jump, I answer “How high?” Again, it won’t be very high because I am huge, but my heart is in the right place.

And does it bother me that people think Porzingis will be friends with them just because they bought a shirt and he won’t even acknowledge me on Twitter despite going from his hometown to Madison Square Garden?  Definitely.  Then again, I guess that shirt helped pay for my Uzbekistan Airlines ticket, so it’s all good.

Finally, I would like to thank all the Latvians out there for their kindness and hospitality, especially the ones that actually answered my questions.  It truly takes a village to raise a 7’3″ basketball god. And I would especially like to thank Gints Jankovskis. While Hank and I were acting as the blogging version of Lewis and Clark in Latvia, Gints was our Sacagawea, guiding us and giving us an idea where to go. Gints was the only one who would help us pirates out once our tourism contacts dried up. He is going to school to be a journalist and maybe he will join our all-star team if when Barstool Latvia opens it’s doors. You can find him on Twitter @GJankovskis

I also have to shoutout Tommy Beer for writing a piece on Latvians that follow Porzingis, which led me to Gints and that fire bar/club where we watched the Knicks game on Friday night and met “the casual interview guy”. Tommy is a great follow on Twitter for Knicks fans.