A-Rod Is Ready For Spring Training

The talk in New York baseball today has been centered around cars. Yo got a go-kart and Matt Harvey has a Maserati. Yo is really making his mark as a rockstar and somehow that’s going to carry the Mets back to the World Series and not end up in a terrible accident that could have been prevented with 4 wheels, doors or a roof. I get it, he’s so cool.

While all this was going on, a grown man was getting ready to go to work. That man is Alexander Emmanuel Rodriguez and he is ready to go. He’s been working hard all offseason, whether it’s in the cages or in the boardroom and he’s ready to rock. If the young guys want to mash dingers, A-Rod is ready. But if Harvey and Cespedes think they’re taking this city over, they better upgrade their rides and get some automatic doors at the end of their driveways because a grown man is ready for camp with The Weeknd.

PS: This is was 100% a direct response to all the Yo talk and I love it.