Wake Up With A Close Up of an ISIS Suicide Car Bomber Getting Blown The Fuck Up Before He Reaches His Target

YPG destroyed ISIS carbomb in Shadadi. Cizire Canton, Hasakah- 21th Feb 2015 – YPG/J and SDF forces destroy an ISIS car bomb near Shadadi.

God damn that’s a good start to the day. Watching an ISIS suicide bomber get blown the fuck up alone in the middle of a deserted road nowhere even close to his intended target. Here I come Allah, get those 72 virgins warmed up for me ahhhhhhh I’m dead. Like waking up to a surprise blowjob, on steroids.

And for the record videos featuring death, destruction and serious injury towards human beings on the internet aren’t really my jam. Try to avoid them as much as possible because 1, I’m a little squeamish, and 2, I’m not a psychopath. But the important thing to remember is that ISIS isn’t human beings.

DJ run that back!