Crazy British Guy Free Climbs The Tallest Building In Dubai As Workers Give Him The Go Ahead To Die

Really? Yo, Dubai crane dude. Aren’t there Union rules or something to not allowing that? I’m not too sure if the non-existent OSHA in your land will approve of you letting random batshits climb out on your crane and be a strong gust away from certain death. Might want to call someone up there that has a maturity level above hanging Iron Man posters in their work space to handle the situation. But I guess that’s the way shit rolls in a land where people walk around with tigers on leashes. Live and die by your own risk. And I think I was closer to dying watching this bloke than he was dangling like a monkey from a greasy crane 5000000 ft above sea level. The heart can take only so much after a weekend of 4 meals featuring 9 cheesesteaks.

The only thing I can think of is conquering the Empire State Building in Spider Man II video game. My stomach still drops a little thinking about jumping straight off that thing before webbing away like a boss a second before impact. GREAT game.