Canadian Junior Hockey Player Gets Arrested On The Ice In The Middle Of A Game



(Source)Olivier Marcotte of the Junior AA Hockey-Experts in Sherbrooke, Quebec came dangerously close to scrapping with an official mid-game, and it landed him in handcuffs. What prompted Marcotte’s arrest? He spit in a referee’s face, according to Journal de Montreal. Marcotte was then detained by on site police before he could do any more damage and was led off the ice.




Never seen anything like this in my life. What ever happened to the arena being lawless? Todd Bertuzzi literally broke someone’s neck out there and the fuzz didn’t come gunning for him. Marty McSorely tried to behead Donald Brashear and I heard no sirens. But now a little phlegm gets exchanged and we’re putting kids in handcuffs? That’s outrageous. When you decide to step on the ice, or field, or court, you’re signing a social contract and agreeing that anything short of actual murder is fair play. Trash talk about your mom, race, mental capacity, it’s all fair game. Unless there’s a body, play carries on. Calling the cops for spit on your face? Are you kidding me? How ’bout you just don’t make shitty calls and you won’t get spit on? Ever think of that?