So Jealous Of Dante Fowler Reffing A Fight Between His Girlfriend And His Baby Mama


(Source)NFL star Dante Fowler — the 3rd pick in the ’15 Draft — played the role of referee as the mother of his child brawled with another woman at a FL apartment complex … and TMZ Sports has the video. It all went down on February 1st around 10 PM — when 21-year-old Fowler arrived to the complex with a woman believed to be his girlfriend … who confronted Fowler’s baby mama in a common area in front of an elevator. Fowler (a 6’3″ 260 pound defensive end for the Jacksonville Jaguars) gets between the two women — but instead of breaking it up … he steps back and uses his arm to signal for the fight to begin. What ensues is pure violence … with the women wailing on each other as Fowler oversees the action. Once Fowler decides he’s seen enough, he grabs his baby mama and throws her off the other lady … ending the fight. He then hits the elevator button … and leaves with the other woman.




I’m not sure why TMZ is hellbent on saying this looks bad for Dexter Fowler, he didn’t do anything wrong here. It’s not like he was hitting the girls. In fact, he did Mills Lane proud reffing this thing and ran a good, clean fight from top to bottom. Strong start and knew exactly when to call it.


I certainly didn’t watch this clip and think, “Oh my god. What a monster!” I watched with jealousy and envy. If only all women were willing to do this. Now, I’ve never had a baby mama and a girlfriend, but that doesn’t mean I’ve never had two women in my life that outright hated each other. If you have two women in your life in any capacity, then you’ve got two that hate each other. That’s science. Girlfriend and friend that’s a girl? They hate each other. Girlfriend and mom? Hate each other. Girlfriend and sister? Hate. Wouldn’t it be amazing if they all agreed to elevator brawls instead of years of awkward hanging out, straining their face muscles as they fake smiles? Quick round settles everything. Girlfriend wins? OK fine, I’ll go back upstairs and listen to how your boss was mean today. Friend wins? I get to go hang out with those people I knew before you made yourself the only person in my life who matters. This is exactly how all girlfriend issues should be handled. This isn’t an “insane” video, it’s the work of a visionary.