Wake Up With Mike Schmidt's 500th Home Run

Third base is a position that several Hall of Famers called home for many years, like Eddie Mathews, Ron Santo, George Brett and Brooks Robinson. But only one man can call himself the Home Run King at third base, and that man is Mike Schmidt. Schmidt’s home run celebration after he hit No. 500 is one of the most memorable moments in the game’s history, and it came at a time when hitting 500 home runs used to mean something. Twenty-seven men have achieved the 500 home run milestone, with the legendary Babe Ruth becoming the first. With all the players who have ever worn a major league uniform, 27 players is an incredibly elite class to be in. However, 12 of the 27, or 44% of them, have reached 500 home runs since 1999. When Ruth hit his 500th in 1929, it would take 49 years before twelve men in total would reach that mark, while the last twelve men have reached the milestone over the last sixteen years.