The Best Highlight From Last Night's Miami Heat Game Goes To Alyssa Nelson


I’m a hockey guy. And as a hockey guy whose hometown team is the Philadelphia Sixers, I’m obviously not a huge NBA guy. So obviously I didn’t actually watch last night’s Miami Heat game and obviously I don’t know if anything else noteworthy happened aside from this 11/10 blessing TV screens all across the nation with her beauty. But I find it hard to believe that this wasn’t only the highlight of the night, but quite possibly the highlight of the entire Miami Heat season so far. And if you’re wondering who this smoke it, it’s our girl Alyssa Nelson.

Right now a very few select of you are probably wondering why she looks so familiar. Well to refresh your memory a bit, she was just featured the other day in my Hockey Day In America post. Not quite sure how a Wild fan becomes a heat fan but I’m not complaining here at all.


So I guess since it’s only Tuesday and it’s already been a long week, it’s only right to treat ourselves to some more of Alyssa. Make sure to follow her on Twitter here and on Instagram here.