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Last Night Proved That When Wrestling Is Good, It's Some Of The Best Entertainment You Can Get

In case you missed it, Shane O Mac returned to Raw last night to start a feud with Stephanie in perhaps the most anticipated return of anyone, at any time in recent history. I’ve been talking about a Shane return forever…if you grew up watching wrestling, chances are you love Shane. He was willing to do anything for the company, even if it meant jumping off a 50 foot titantron.



When he returned last night, everyone who has stopped watching wrestling immediately tuned back in. Shane is must-watch TV. And it just goes to show that when they do something right, the WWE is phenomenal television. In the age of social media, pretty much everything is ruined before it happens. Shit, I knew Shane was coming back last night but kept it a secret because I didn’t want to ruin it for everyone like an asshole. Because some things are bigger than you, and this was one of them.

And then for them to announce Shane is wrestling the Undertaker inside Hell in a Cell at Wrestlemania was the icing on the cake. Now, there is a rumor that Cena will come back and take Shane’s place, you know, because Shane is old now and hasn’t wrestled in a decade, but that’s just a rumor. If Shane really goes up against Taker at Mania, it will be a sight to be seen.

From beginning to end, last night’s episode of Raw was great. Lesnar was great, Ambrose was great, my man Neville was out there flippin around,

they finally started teasing a Becky vs Sasha feud, and then it ended with HHH kicking the shit out of Roman Reigns…

…which was really funny because the crowd was going bonkers for it, and I don’t know what else they expected. What HHH did to Reigns is what Reigns should be doing to everyone else. Making guys bleed, being dominant, being an absolute animal. That’s what gets you over. Not sure what kind of reaction they expected the night after Reigns was booed out of the building, but a bloody Reigns was laying there and the crowd was chanting for HHH to continue murdering him.


Now I still don’t know what they are thinking having the main event be Reigns vs HHH, as Reigns is supposed to be the face and continually is getting booed out of arenas. It’s not as easy as The Rock cutting a promo putting Reigns over, he’s just ain’t the guy for the job.

But again, a very good episode of Raw last night. Had young guys, had old school guys, had coach Harbaugh,

and had stories that made sense.

If only they wrote like it was Wrestlemania season year-round, what a great idea that is, huh?