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Wrestlemania Just Got It's Real Main Event - Shane McMahon Vs The Undertaker, Hell In A Cell

Wow. So Shane McMahon returned to Raw tonight after being gone for years. Came back because he wants to extend the legacy of the McMahon family and mentioned the stock down, ratings down, etc. Wants to take over the company. Vince agreed…on one condition. He beats someone in a match of his choosing. And he chose the Undertaker at Mania inside Hell In A Cell.

I’ve blogged about Shane before, he’s a legend. Now he has aged, and isn’t the kid jumping ring post to ring post anymore, but you know he has one more match in him. He’s a McMahon. He has no boundaries. He ain’t scared of anything. This match with Undertaker at Cowboys Stadium in front of 100,000 people is going to be insanity.

Rev up the RV. It’s go time.

No brainer.