I Don't Know What To Make Of JJ Hardy Beating Jonathan Schoop In A Race

What did I just see? Anyone who has watched Baltimore baseball since Hardy joined the O’s in 2011 knows that he runs like he’s got cement shoes on. He makes David Ortiz look fast. I remember watching him run last season, and it physically hurt me. If he was an animal I would have put him down and taken him out of his misery. That is why I was shocked to see Hardy smoke Jonathan Schoop in a race during Spring Training.

Schoop isn’t the fastest guy on the team, but he should be able to beat old man Hardy. And yes, he’s white! JJ Hardy is whiter than a mayonnaise sandwich. If there was ever a sign the Orioles desperately need Dexter Fowler, this is it. You can’t have your young guys getting smoked by JJ Hardy, even if he false started a little bit.

I’m not sure what the play is for Schoop now. Like how NFL teams don’t let guys play until they pass conditioning tests, I don’t think Schoop should be able to play until he can beat Hardy in a race. Young guys need that tough love. And need to be able to beat JJ Hardy in a sprint.