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Here's Video Of Jahlil Okafor Going Light Speed Over The Ben Franklin Bridge

TMZ – Here’s footage of cops racing after Jahlil Okafor on the Ben Franklin Bridge in Philly back in October — and it feels like it’s straight out of a video game. According to the official citation issued by the Delaware River Port Authority PD — the officer who caught up to Okafor’s white Mercedes Maybach paced the NBA star at 108 MPH!!! By the way, in the footage you can clearly see several Speed Limit 45 MPH signs posted on the bridge. Okafor — who was not taken into custody — was issued a $439 fine for the incident, which he has already paid.

Well if that wasn’t the most anti-climatic police chase going almost 3x the speed limit over state lines the world has ever seen. The way it was reported I assumed Okafor was swerving in and out of traffic hold a 40 in one hand and a baby out the window with the other. I’m obviously not condoning going over the century mark in a 45mph zone on a bridge, but I can see how that puppy got away from Jahlil. All he has to do is tilt his gargantuan foot slightly down and that 100K+ beauty is going from 0-108 in a few short seconds. Let’s just hope this distracting happy crap is finally out of the way and the only news we’ll be seeing is more 30+ point games from Big Jah and maybe, just maybe, a win here and there. Here’s to wishful thinking.

Seriously though, this is some boring shit. Need to spruce it up a little bit with a little swerving or disingrating into the future once someone hits 88 miles per hour. It’s an old fashion car chase, dammit. At least have the cops pump out a little cursing or, even better, some jams. Chief Wiggum concurs.