This Guy Knocking Out Dudes Who Cursed At His Girlfriend Is The Best Filmed Fight Video I've Ever Seen


I have to say before even discussing the content: Wow what a beautifully shot fight video. Seeing how clear and well-framed it was, I wondered how I’ve been blogging about these vertical fight videos for a significant portion of my adult life (kill me). They don’t give awards for such things but wherever the guy filming this is, I hope he knows he’s deeply appreciated for his efforts here.


But anyway for as much as I felt like I would hate the guy screaming for an apology, I respect the hell out of what he did here. He’s a total meathead but he’s being chivalrous and he didn’t seem to want to escalate the situation. But those guys started acting tough, hugging and jamming a finger and this guy’s face while refusing to say sorry for being shitheads so he fucking took care of business. Maybe he’s technically in the wrong for striking first — I’m sure the fat dude in the black jacket’s daddy will help them get to the bottom of it — but fuck I loved him putting the one dude into a coma and making fat boy cry.


Such a bummer that the dude got thrown in jail despite booking it as fast as he could but his sacrifice led to this moment I’ll forever be grateful for:



“He fucking hit me in the face” warbling out of this sad man’s chins while the cop talks to him like he’s an inconsolable child, my god, perfection. This chick our hero is dating better be the best girlfriend for the rest of this dude’s life. He put it all on the line here for the sole reason that some dude called her a bitch. Like thanks for the content and I admire the chivalry and all but damn the pussy better be worth it.