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My New Podcast - "The Dave Portnoy Show" Starts Thursday



So I’m getting in the podcast game.  Every Thursday Night at 7:30pm a new episode of “The Dave Portnoy” show will come out starting this week.  My first guest will be my main contact at Chernin Digital (Mike Kerns) who I negotiated the entire Chernin sale with.   Here is what my show will be about.

“Introducing the Dave Portnoy Show. This show will focus on the inner workings of Barstool Sports. We’ll talk about all the controversies, decisions and stories from the past that helped mold who we are today as well as questions that will define the future. Basically an in-depth look behind the curtain of one of the most controversial blogs on the planet and the guys who make it tick.”

You can listen to a quick preview of Thursday’s show here and sign up to get it or whatever that exactly means on Itunes.