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John Kasich Says Women Love Him, They Even Leave The Kitchen To Put Up Signs






Curious how John Kasich got elected? The bitches love him. They love him more than they love baking pies. Women love John Kasich so much that they learned how to read directions and somehow forced themselves off those tracks that go from the bedroom to the kitchen. That’s all women in Ohio do: cook, fuck, and vote for John Kasich.


Pretty bold move by Kasich to talk about how much women love him while also stereotyping them in the laziest way possible. Surprised he didn’t also mention that black voters love him so much they all broke out of jail to cast their ballot and Mexicans learned English just to punch his ticket. But the craziest part of all? He could say that and the worst that happens is it probably helps his campaign. When running for president it used to be “One fuckup and you’re out,” like the Dean Scream. Now it’s “If you don’t fuck up every 24 hours and keep your name in the headlines then your numbers are going to drop.”