Chicago Area Dunkin Donuts Rename Boston Cream Pies "Chicago Kreme Donuts", Boom Roasted Boston


(Source) The rivalry goes as deep as doughnuts.If a Boston Kreme and a large coffee from Dunkin’ was the pick-me-up you needed after Wednesday’s late-night battle of the Hawks vs. Bruins, you were out of luck. In honor of the two teams facing off, the Massachusetts-based doughnut giant has temporarily rebranded the Boston Kreme the “Chicago Kreme”–in Chicago, at least.

“It’s just our way of celebrating with our fans in Chicago,” said Carrie Reckert, manager of public relations and social media for Midwest Dunkin’ Donuts, when reached by email Friday. 
We replaced the Boston Kreme tag in participating stores with the attached Chicago Kreme tag. Same donut, different name and Blackhawk colors.” The @dunkinchicago twitter account has even been quick to correct those tweeting about Boston Kremes, using the #ChicagoKreme hastag. 

The red-and-black-cream-filled confections rival Bruins-themed doughnuts that are currently being served in Boston Dunkin’ shops during the Stanley Cup Playoffs. The Boston Herald tracked down a response from Dunkin’ Donuts HQ in Canton, Mass.: The Herald, whose headline for the Donut scoop reads “Traitors!” notes “But just for the record, a Chicago Kreme donut is still a Boston Kreme donut, K?”

Boom. Point Chicago. Boston can pretend that this doesn’t hurt, that this is just a silly stupid thing companies do for free publicity during big sporting events. Sort of how mayors bet 6 packs and pizza, but if we’re being honest this is a HUGE win for Chicago. Boston Kreme is what made Boston famous. That and Ben Affleck, now all they have is Ben. Chicago Kreme, so fucking funny. It’s a Boston Kreme Pie but with Chicago instead. Dunkin Donuts now run by Rick Reilly, just goofing the fuck out of people. Doing HUGE things.

Has Dunkin Donuts always spelled Kreme like that? Or is that because Hashtagging #CreamPie was just asking for something TOTALLY different.