A Girl Was Being Bullied By A Kid At Her School So She Took Him Down And KO'd Him With Nasty MMA Knees

ABC7 San Francisco – The fight between two students happened at Sonoma Valley High School in Sonoma last week.

A witnessing student posted video to Facebook, which caught the attention of professional Brazilian jiu-jitsu fighter Kit Dale.

The school district says the girl goes to nearby Creekside High School. Students say the boy, who attends Sonoma Valley High School, made comments on her Facebook page. She confronted him then he threw water at her. That’s not captured on video, but what is has been viewed more than 12 million times on Dale’s page alone.

The district released a statement saying administrators took “appropriate disciplinary action in accordance with established school district policies,” but wouldn’t elaborate on the discipline or policy.


This is one story I’m inclined to take at face value because I don’t think you see a teenage chick in a dress throwing savage Muay Thai knees at some other kid without this other dude pushing her to that breaking point in a very real way. And if this kid was posting shitty comments on social media, this seems like a way better response to me than just getting him in trouble at school or whatever. He was posting shitty things on social media for attention and now he’s going to get that attention after a little girl in a dress threw him to the ground and drove her knee directly through his face. The girl is facing suspension for escalating the situation but why? Sometimes you need to let the kids sort this shit out themselves. I think you take them to the principal’s office, sit them both down and if they’re being honest they’d both instantly admit they learned their lesson. No one’s going to bully her now but she knows the scary violence inside herself and this kid is basically a neutered chihuahua at this point. The job has already been done, give them a half-assed school counselor effort and move on.


Tangent: There is a social theory that women are going to be able to adequately compete with men in all sports in the next 50-100 years due to evolution and how their bodies respond to actually being used for athletics after centuries of being kept out of such things mostly. And there are some signs that point to that being the case with track and long distance running with how world record times are getting closer and closer there. But I’m not sure I’m mentally capable of handling a world in which women are KOing dudes left and right like this (and then hilarious running away at high speeds to flee punishment). This girl might have been able to take out Dada 5000 from that Bellator card this weekend as is, what about with a few generations of evolution in training? All I’m saying is you might want to be nice to any chick with a strong ground game now just to be safe.